Lake St Clair
Muskie Fishing Charters

 Lake St Clair

Lighthouse Cove Ontario



We offer explosive world class Muskie fishing charters on beautiful Lake St Clair.  A 45 min drive from the Ambassador Bridge.

Join us aboard the Pond Predator and find your self on world renowned, Muskie captial of the world, Lake St Clair. We offer  five or eight hour charters. Ask about our 2 day special rates!

Why Us?>>


Lake St.Clair, also known as the "Pond", has exploded with it's Muskie population in recent years due to it's clear shallow waters, the amount of bait fish and it's forage fish populations.


As  Muskie come out of their spawn and into early season they start heading east to the Canadian waters of Lake St.Clair. The waters out from Light House Cove have proven to constantly produce big trophy muskie. Over time we have been marking these "Hot Spots" and programing the locations into our GPS systems. When you choose a charter with Pond Predator we will not waste anytime and get you on those fish. Our first goal is to ensure your safety on the water and our second goal is to catch you the Muskie Lake St.Clair is known for which is what we are best at. At the end of the day we are always thrilled to see the smiles of our customers after catching there big Muskie. A Muskie fishing charter on Lake St Clair is a lifetime experience that you will never forget. So book your next Charter with The Pond Predator!